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HEIGHT:   5’2”                                                        HAIR:   Auburn
WEIGHT:  120 lbs.                                                  EYES:   Dark Brown

Elyssa is a professional actor and drama teacher who has appeared in various film, television, and theatre productions in Toronto and abroad. She studied acting at AMDA and Ryerson Theatre School; Improv at Second City; and  holds a Licentiate degree in Speech & Drama from Trinity College in London, England. She is the co owner and co artistic director of The Drama Mamas, an educational drama school that offers fun and engaging programming for children 18 months and up. 

Elyssa currently resides in Toronto where she enjoys teaching the little guys and hanging out with her husband and two children. 






Elyssa Katz


Choice Talent Agency



HEIGHT:   5’2”                                                        HAIR:   Auburn
WEIGHT:  125 lbs.                                                  EYES:   Dark Brown




STEALING THE SUN Principal - Leslie, Humber production/Emma

MOM SQUARED Lead - Sue, Building Block Production/Matt Pochmat

MAKING THE CUT Principal - Claire,  Finale Media/ Michael Gorman

SOLOMON & SHEBA Lead - Mika,  Eh JJ Show (VTV)/Jerry Jonkheer

MY OWN APARTMENT Principal - Mom,   Black Walk Prod./Jason Priestly

BEYOND THE RED LINE  Principal - Lisa,  Mirage Prod./Farzad Sadrian

THE WICKED NEEDING Principal - Rose, Parlour Made Prod./Dawn Bryan

IN BETWEEN DAYS Lead - Nadine, Vigilante Prod./Dan Sadler

NOAH Principal - Mother,  Spiney Cacti Prod./Jeff Renfroe

LUCIEN BUGS Lead - Rochelle,  GW Prod./Genevieve Wiseman



LOST IN YONKERS- Gert, Teatron Theatre/ Lynn Weintraub

MMRP - Allison, VDay Productions/ Tanisha Taitt

DEATH OF A SALESMAN-Jenny/Letta, Tribal Prod./Eli Lukawitz

PSEUDOLUS - Calidorus, Tarragon Main Space/Robert Ross Parker

THE MASTERCLASS REVIEW - Various, Second City/Paul O'Sullivan

OTHELLO - Emilia, Skylight Theatre/Andrew Merzetti

DANNY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA - Roberta, Altered Ego/Shawn Campbell

THE CRACKWALKER - Theresa, Damn Straight Studio/Shawn Campbell

THE SAUCY MAIDEN - Isabella, The Canadia dell'Arte mime troupe

STEEL MAGNOLIAS - Annelle, Markham Theatre/Felicia Migliore

THE WITCH OF EDMONTON - Rowland, Equity Showcase/Peter Hinton

THE LADIES ROOM - Karen, Bathurst Street Theatre/Myna Wallin

OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD - Dabby, Studio Theatre/Guy Sprung

THE SUICIDE - Cleopatra, Ryerson Theatre/Tony van Bridge



WOMEN & HEART DISEASE (O.M.A.) - Principal, CBC/John Disney

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - Hermia/Puck, VRML/Steven Mtsuba


COMMERCIALS & INDUSTRIALS (in both English & French)

List available upon request.



Languages: French (Quebecois & European), American Sign Language

Driver's Licence, Boat Licence, Horseback Riding, Weight & Fitness Training, Karate

Singing: Mezzo Soprano



Scene Study: Sophie Ann Rooney

Auditioning for Camera: Ron Leach, John Boylan

Second City Improv & Conservatory: Nick Johne, Paul O'Sullivan, Jerry Schaeffer (1996-1999)

Ryerson Theatre School (1989-1992): Robert Christie Award (1992)

American Academy of Dramatic Arts (1988-1989)






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